Offer for the gastronomy

Offer for the restaurant, bars and other catering facilities..

We know needs of our customers and we can proudly state that we are able to cope with expectations,even of the ones most demanding. Satisfying our customers is a priority for us.

We are making every effort in order to have catering ventilation hoods of the best quality in our offer, with the reliability and the ergonomics. Our devices are made of the acid-resistant steel in the technology making appearing of difficult-accessible places impossible. A kept easiness of the ventilation hood provides it into cleannesses and the guarantee of hygiene.

Our specialists will answer all the question and will help to select an optimal solution.In case of catering ventilation hoods a possibility of designing and making the ventilation hood exists in the 100% of customer adapted for requirements. At the stage of the design our specialists in consultation with you will make the assortment of adequate dimensions, productivity of the turbine, construction materials and accessories.

In our offer you can find catering ventilation hoods hoisting and air blowing-hoisting:

  • wall
  • central


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Oferta dla gastronomii

Oferta dla gastronomii

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Order online Delivery straight to your home

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