We have operated on the market since 1989.


TOFLESZ Company has existed on the Polish market since 10 April 1989. We are a leading manufacturer of hoods on the Polish and foreign markets.

Our Activity started from the manual application of hoods. Upon the growth of interest in our products on the Polish and the eastern market , we have modernized our production through the introduction of state- of -the- art technologies. We assure that the preparation of Modern hoods do not differ from the company's quality western.

TOFLESZ Company is in Kielce,with its production hall and 2 warehouses with a total area of 1600m2. The Company has modern machinery and highly skilled workers.

We are engaged in the production of cooker hoods and accessories. We have in the production of a wide range of hoods among others : rustic hoods, modern chimney hoods, hoods bulit-in cupboard and wall hoods with interesting design. In addition to the standard production line, we also have special order hoods on individual clients and companies from the food industry.

We try to gradually improve our products so as not to differ from the leading trends in the market.

With the constant willingness to develop and acquire new markets,our hoods are also known in Ukraine,Kazakhstan ,in Germany,Russia and Belarus.

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