1. Selling on the website is : Company plant Production and Trade " Toflesz" , its registered office at Kolberga 4 street, 25-620 Kielc , tax identyfication number ( In UK this is NIN): 6570694066.
  2. Our e-mail address to contact for sales:
  3. Phone number to contact for sale: +48 509 254 234


  1. Buyers can choose the payment for an item purchased by transfer to a bank account before sending the parcel or in the form of payments into a hands of the courier upon delivery of the consignment.
  2. The seller reserves the right to limit forms of the payments only to the prepayment or just for COD (cash on delivery) payments.
  3. The seller reserves the right to request a deposit on the sales with a price of no more than 50% of the agreed price. Such reservation applies in particular to items made to order buyer or with specific characteristics defined in the complex order ( including : color,decorative elements etc.)
    In the case of non-payment by the buyer of the deposit on time the order is canceled and the seller is free of obligations and delivery of the goods determined.
  4. In the case of payment by bank transfer before the consignment the seller has the right to stop the shipment subject to time credited to the bank account of the sale price along with any shipping costs.
  5. The seller to the buyer confirms the conclusion of joining the purchased goods receipt or a VAT invoice if the buyer has requested the issue.Evidence of the contract in the form of a receipt or invoice includes an indication of the seller, date of sale, the indication of goods, quantity and price of the sale.


  1. Items purchased at the online store are shipped within 2 days from the date of receiving the payment or from the date of purchase with the option of cash on delivery.
  2. In the case of items made to order buyer or have special characterics specified in the contract completion date of the contract, including the date of delivery to the buyer is fixed individually.
  3. Purchased items are sent to the buyer by courier.


  1. The seller provides adequate protection and packaging of the goods sold , which keeps its entirety and integrity during transport , as long as the treatment of consignments in transport matches the sold properties.
  2. The buyer receiving the shipment delivered by courier is obliged to examine the parcel .If he/she finds that there has been a loss or damage to property during transport, one shall undertake all the necessary tasks to establish the liability of the courier (art. 545 § 2 k.c.)
  3. In the case of cash on delivery courier has the right to stipulate that the verification of the consignment can only be done after payment of his hands the total selling price of the item along with any shipping costs.
  4. The buyer is obliged to examine the contents of the package ( not the state of the packaging) in the presence of the courier. If the buyer requests to verify the contents of the package courier has the right to refuse to participate in such activities.
  5. In the case of the damage to the contents of the package the buyer should draw up a damage report in the presence of the courier. It is also acceptable to prepare the damage report after delivery of the shipment , under the terms of the relevant legislation. The damage report is for the seller the sole basis for the free exchange of purchased item for thr undamaged one.
  6. The seller stresses that the singing by the buyer the receipt of the goods without reservations means that the item has been received without reservations and the purchased item has been delivered undamaged.
  7. The seller is not liable for damage that has not been confirmed by the protocol done by curier and signed by him eg. In such a situation when the shipment was left for the recipient at a different address.


  1. The seller offers brand new, unused items to the online store.
    In the case when the item of an online store is the device used, this information will be clearly indicated in the item description.
  2. Purchased item to the seller includes all elements of its equipment and a manual with installation instructions in Polish.
  3. For each item purchased the seller provides warranty for a period of not less than two years.
  4. Awritten warranty card stamped and signed by the guarantor, which together with proof of purchase of the goods is the basis for the exercise of the powers of the warranty is included for each purchased item,
  5. Specific warranty, includes the warranty period and exclusion of liablity of the guarantor, is indicated in the waranty card.
  6. All claims under the warranty provided by the seller of quality should be submitted in writting,at the address of the seller, given pont I of the Rules.


  1. Buyer who is a consumer and who has purchased item in the seller's online store may terminate this compact sales contract without giving reasons by making the seller a statement in writing within 10 days from the date of receipt of the purchased item. The confidentiality of this period is suficient to send the statement before its expiry date ( the date of shipment in the mail so-called "postmark date " determines the claim)
  2. The right to withdraw from the contract without giving any reason and return of the object is not entitled to the buyer when a purchased item has been made on the individual order or when we have special characteristics specified in his order (including color, decoration, etc.).
  3. Received item may not be the device having the traces intallation or use ( in particular : cut tube decorative).
  4. In the case of an effective deposit by the buyer of the declaration referred to in point above ask the seller to the buyer before the entire amount paid by him, including the selling price - and if the buyer paid for the cost of shipping, including shipping and handling. Refund of the amount paid by the buyer will take place immediately, but no later than within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt of the written notice of withdrawal from the contract.
  5. Buyer , who withdrew from the agreement on the principles referred to above shall be obliged to reimburse the seller purchased item immediately, but not later than within 14 days from the date of receipt by the seller of a written declaration of cancellation is.
  6. The Seller shall certify in writing that the buyer received the return goods, indicating the date of receipt of return.
  7. In the event of cancellation by the buyer on the principles set out above, the seller does not cover the cost of returning the object to the seller, the costs are borne by the buyer.
  8. The consumer is a person who makes an online store purchase not directly related to his trade or profession.
  9. The buyer has the right to exchange or return purchased goods along with shipping costs in case the delivered item is not as described or does not respond to the parameters described by the seller. An exchange request or a refund should be sent to the seller in writing with a detailed description of the defects of the item.


  1. The seller is an administrator of the buyer's personal data.
  2. Administrator declares that user's personal data is processed in order to :
    1. implement the contract of purchase-sale ,the provision of electronic services,
    2. ensure contact beetwen the purchaser and the seller,
    3. the purchaser has the right of access to the content of personal data and the right to correct,
    4. administrate personal data which is optional, but necessary for the purposes specified in these rules,
    5. the seller declares that personal data is processed in accordance with the Act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data and that applies technical and organizational measures to ensure the protection of the processed data appropriate to the risks and category of data protection , in particular, protects personal data of the orderer before making them available to people unauthorized , loss or damage,
    6. any changes in personal data of a purchaser can be done by sending the proper declaration to the address of the seller.


  1. In matters not covered by these rules the following rules are applicable
    1. All product descriptions ,photographs and drawings used in the product descriprion (including photographs of hoods in the building),as well as graphic solutions pages are subject to seller's copyright .Any form of use by other objects is prohibited. Using of the above- mentioned tracks without the express consent of the seller is in breach of copyright and results in specific claims there on the side of the seller.
  2. Trademarks not belonging to the seller are used in the product descriptions for information purposes only and are subject to the powers of the competent bodies.


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